A story of Healing

The Journey to heal my body naturally started when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer at 21 and told my only option was to have my cervix removed and that I would never have kids. I refused to believe that and beat cancer by making a few simple choices that have entirely changed my life.

I used to suffer from stomach issues that would show up at the worst times. Feeling constantly tired and struggling to lose weight was the norm for me. That was until I discovered I had over 50 food allergies/intolerances. Knowing this gave me the freedom to finally get the body I wanted whilst maintaining a healthy relationship with food and exercise


You may have noticed the acne scarring and pitting across my face which I have been bullied for over 20 years. We all have our insecurities and even after all this time I still have days when I dislike what I see looking back in mirror. 

"This site is about the things that have changed my life and helped me to heal my body. I hope my journey inspires you to start loving yourself from the inside out"

Welcome to the Raw Ness Family  ❤️



lEARN how to heal your body naturally

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